Mens Orion Hightop Gym Shoe Sale
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Mens Orion Hightop Gym Shoe

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**Orion - features our new 'OX-F' mesh fabric & GENUINE cowhide leather rear construction**


The Orion High Top Gym / Bodybuilding shoe - named after the gigantic, supernaturally strong hunter in Greek mythology is definitely the only shoe to step foot into the gym with!

This stylish high top shoe blends function with fashion; Perfect for exercises requiring a flat sole, such as deadlifts, squats, leg presses, cleans etc!

Constructed from high quality suede leather and 'OX-F' mesh; available in incredible colour ways -  Orion Blue and Venom Red.

Hunt the Iron in a pair of Orion's, and you will never look back!

The Orion High Top is not just for Bodybuilding - also suitable for Powerlifting,  MMA, Boxing & any other indoor activity requiring a light weight shoe, flat incompressible sole and maximum surface contact.

Sizing in US standard; ie 12US = 11UK. If you're a half size, select the size up.
Womens: Size 7US mens is a ladies 8US.


Why the Orion gym shoe?

With the growing number of high tops on the market - why should you choose Orion? Aside from being the most stylish, and functional - we use only top-tier materials. Other companies will use 'PU' as opposed to genuine leather - PU is an inferior material with less durability, while also looking cheap. Similarly, we've opted for 'OX-F' mesh, typically used in hiking boots. This ensures maximum longevity. You'll find a cheaper nylon in other shoes - it will wear quicker, and is not as breathable. Choose Orion, don't settle for less!