Orion Bodybuilding Gym Shoe


The Orion High Top Gym / Bodybuilding shoe - named after the gigantic, supernaturally strong hunter in Greek mythology.

This stylish high top shoe is unrivalled in the gym. We've blended function with fashion; Perfect for exercises requiring a flat sole, such as deadlifts, squats, leg presses, cleans etc! Constructed from high quality suede leather and mesh, available in two incredible colour ways - black & prison orange, or black and Orion blue. Hunt the Iron in a pair of Orion's, and you will never look back!

The Orion High Top is not just for Body Building - also suitable for MMA, Boxing & any other indoor activity requiring a flat sole and maximum surface contact.

Sizing in US standard; ie 12US = 11UK. If you're a half size, select the size up.